Internship Application

Application is CLOSED​ for the Summer 2021 semester.

We are looking for energetic, responsible, and passionate individuals to join our Madison and Milwaukee offices. In this position, you will be an integral part of our office helping in either the operations, scheduling, policy, legislative affairs, appointments, communications, constituent services, or proclamations department. It is essential that applicants to this position have strong communication skills, demonstrate maturity and responsibility, and understand the importance of attention to detail. 

Intern Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Answer phone inquiries, direct calls, and enter each phone call into our office database
  • Perform clerical duties, maintain files, and organize documents; photocopy, fax, etc. as needed
  • Assist in preparing information and materials
  • Research and gather documentation on the Governor's position on issues
  • Shadow multiple office positions and train in a variety of tasks

Intern Requirements and Qualifications:
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-directed and able to work without supervision
  • Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential material in a responsible and respectful manner

For law clerk applicants only: 
If you are completing this application because you wish to be considered for a law clerk position with the Office of Legal Counsel within the Governor’s office, the above descriptions will be largely inapplicable to you. Instead, please consider the following: 
  • Rather than performing the duties and responsibilities outlined above, law clerks will work with the Governor’s fulltime legal staff to assist with matters related to potential and ongoing litigation, conduct research, draft legal memoranda, assist with public record requests, and aid in the implementation of record retention policies and schedules. There will be some opportunity for observation and participation in other department.
  • Applicants for a law clerk position must be currently enrolled as student with an accredited law school. 2L/3L students preferred. 
  • Instead of responding to one of the two provided writing sample prompts below, you should instead provide a legal writing sample.  

  • Gain knowledge of the Governor's Office
  • Opportunity to work with top officials in the political field
  • Gain experience learning how both a professional and a political office function
  • Opportunities for professional development and networking 

Writing Sample

Please read the following scenarios below. Then, choose one of the scenarios and follow the instructions for drafting a response to the constituent. Finally, upload the response you drafted in the file upload area when prompted in the application.

  • Scenario 1
    An elementary school student, Malcolm, has written a letter to the Governor to express concerns about climate change after learning about the effects of climate change in school. He would like to know what the Governor is going to do about littering, pollution, and the sea turtles. In addition, his letter also asked the governor: “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? How tall are you?" Please write a letter responding to Malcolm on behalf of the governor.
  • Scenario 2
    In February 2021, Governor Evers introduced a budget outlining his priorities for the next two years for the state of Wisconsin. The governor's proposed budget can be accessed here, and a summary of the budget provisions can be accessed here. Pick one budget provision, and in one paragraph explain what the provision does in layperson's terms, then write brief talking points (5-7 bullet points) that can be used by the governor's communications or constituent services teams to communicate with members of the press or public, respectively.

Note: You will be required to upload a cover letter, resume, the above writing sample, and professional references in Word or PDF format to complete the application process. Other required questions are noted with an asterisk. Please complete the application in one session - you cannot save and return to the application at a later time and the session may time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Using the Google Chrome internet browser is recommended.


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