Gov. Tony Evers Signs Executive Order #14 Related to Accessibility of DMV Facilities and DOT-Issued Voter Identification

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GREEN BAY — During a visit to the Green Bay Transit Center to discuss budget investments in transportation, Governor Tony Evers today signed an executive order relating to the accessibility of Department of Motor Vehicles facilities and Department of Transportation-issued voter identification.

EO 14 signing

Wisconsin drivers licenses and other identification documents provided by the DMV are one of the few qualifying forms of voter identification authorized by Wisconsin law and are by far the most common. Wisconsin drivers licenses and other forms of original DOT-issued voter identification are in most cases only available in-person from DMV service centers; however, many DMV service centers have limited hours and days of operation or are not easily accessible to people using public transit or to people with limited mobility.

To help address these problems, the governor's executive order directs the Department of Transportation to develop and implement a plan for expanding accessibility to DOT facilities that provide citizens of Wisconsin with identification required to vote.

"The cornerstone of American democracy is the right of the people to choose their representatives," Gov. Evers said. "Through my budget proposal that calls for automatic voter registration, and through actions like today's executive order, we are working to make it easier for people to obtain the identification they need to vote. I am committed to making sure every single vote counts, and that there is an opportunity for all Wisconsinites to participate in our democracy."

EO #14 signing

Representative Staush Gruszynski, State Senator Dave Hansen, DOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson, and Green Bay Metro Transit Director Patty Kiewiz joined the governor for the transportation visit and executive order signing today, March 4th.

Read the executive order here.


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